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Carey Printing Press provides quality printed and electronic resources that are Biblically grounded, theologically reformed and Pastorally focused. When you purchase one of our books you not only get an outstanding resource but you also enable us to provide these same books to Pastors and Church Leaders around the world, in their own language and without cost. Additional resources are coming soon.


Systematics For the Glory of God

by Jonathan Bayes

In this first volume of a systematic trilogy, the reader is confronted with the gracious character of God and the glorious being of God in Trinity. The wonderful revelation of God in and through his Word and creative acts are then examined, followed by the immutable sovereign decrees of God and God's wisdom through providence. To help with our understanding of biblical truth, Dr. Bayes has examined the formation of doctrine from the early church creeds, such as the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed, to modern creeds and confessions. Each chapter closes with an emphasis on pastoral application, reinforcing the fact that theology is meant to practically equip the believer for both life and worship.

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Exploring C.H. Spurgeon’s Key to Ministerial Success

by Bob Penhearow

Using Charles Haddon Spurgeon as a model, this book looks at how the personal spirituality and piety of a pastor is tied to his success and faithfulness in ministry. A Puritan and Calvinistic Baptist heritage served to mold Spurgeon's life and the development of his ministry. The pivotal influence of the writings of John Bunyan, John Gill and Andrew Fuller are examined in detail. Spurgeon's faithful and intimate walk with God undergirded his preaching, teaching and writing ministries.

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Head, Heart, Hands: Life Transforming Apologetics

by Steven West

A Christian's entire life should proclaim and defend the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book demonstrates that the Christian faith is rationally sufficient (head), emotionally and morally satisfying (heart) and that the seed of the gospel generates practical acts of loving service in the world (hands). The best defense of the Christian faith is one that engages every area of life and every component of our human nature. Everything is transformed by the truth and power of Jesus, and this book helps Christians see how their renewed minds, cleansed hearts and sanctified hands are all necessary in the defense of their faith. 

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The Righteous Will Flourish: Living Christian Ethics

by Steven West & Danielle Gignac

Challenging ethical decisions face believers every day across the world. If Christians are to make solid ethical decisions in life, what is the basis on which they are to make them? This introduction to Christian ethics begins by establishing the biblical, theological and philosophical foundations on which an ethical life can be built. With the basis of a Christian worldview and a solid ethical framework, Christians are able to make coherent moral decisions.